1. Guests are obliged to follow the instructions set by the owners of the guesthouse and use all available rooms in accordance with their purpose.
  2. Guests will be requested to check in with a valid photo ID on arrival.
  3. A room inspection and inventory may be conducted on arrival and departure.
  4. Guests are requested to report to Reception on the departure day to complete the check-out formalities and to return the keys.
  5. Only checked-in guests are allowed to stay in rented rooms or apartments. Guests are not allowed to invite thirdparties to stay at the property.
  6. Those under the influence of alcohol or other substances, being aggressive or abusive towards the hosts will be requested to leave immediately. No refund will be offered in such circumstances.
  7. The hosts will suggest a parking space for the period of stay but they cannot take any responsibility for parked vehicles.
  8. The hosts do not take any responsibility for the belongings of guests during their stay.
  9. Guests will cover the cost of any damages during their stay and will be requested to cover these before their departure. Adults will take the full responsibility for and damages caused by minors in their custody.
  10. Guests will receive keys to their room or apartment. Guests will be requested to return the keys on the departure day. There will be a fee for lost keys.
  11. Za pobyt Turysty poza gospodarstwem gospodarze nie ponoszą żadnej odpowiedzialności.
  12. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is only allowed in a clearly designated area outside the property, and on terraces and balconies.
  13. Quiet hours are in force between 22.00-7.00 hours unless different arrangements have been agreed with the hosts in advance.
  14. The hosts are available to answer any questions regarding the terms of stay and guests are asked to follow the rules set out.
  15. A hotel day starts at 14.00 and finishes at 10.00 the following day.
  16. Towels are not included but can be arranged if discussed with the hosts prior to the arrival.
  17. Due to the fire safety regulations it is strictly prohibited to use any electronic or gas fuelled devices which are not the part of the equipment in rooms or apartments - e.g. coil heaters, room heaters, gas heaters etc.
  18. It is prohibited to remove any elements of furnishing or equipment outside of the property.
  19. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the elements of furnishing or arrangements of rooms or apartments.
  20. Guests authorise the hosts of the Pod Swierkami Guesthouse to process and store their personal data in accordance with the privacy act of the Polish Parliament of 2002, number 101, section 926 in order to enable the guests’ stay and use of the property and other available services.